TechDenmark bolsters Ukraine's defense with $336 million aid package

Denmark bolsters Ukraine's defense with $336 million aid package

CAESAR howitzer, illustrative photo
CAESAR howitzer, illustrative photo
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4:26 PM EDT, March 12, 2024
We've learned that this is Denmark's 16th package of aid to Ukraine, valued at approximately 2.3 billion kroner (around 336 million USD). The package is set to include CAESAR artillery systems, partially funded by France, and artillery shells, a collaboration between Denmark, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

New aid package for Ukraine from Denmark

“Artillery and mortar systems are in high demand by Ukraine. This package, featuring additional CAESAR artillery systems and matching ammunition, underscores our significant support for Ukraine's fight for freedom. These contributions, made in collaboration with our allies, signify our solidarity with Ukraine,” stated Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.
Denmark has revealed that the package includes 155 mm caliber artillery ammunition, urgently sought by the Ukrainians amid a shortage that has led to increased setbacks at the frontline.
It's worth noting that this ammunition is standard for NATO weapons and is compatible with howitzers that have been supplied to Ukraine from the West. This includes not only the CAESAR systems but also Polish Krabs, German PzH 2000s, and Slovak Zuzana 2s, among others.

French CAESARs in Ukraine

The CAESAR artillery systems have been operational in Ukraine for more than a year, proving to be highly effective in combat. Ukraine has received several dozen of these, including a more heavily armored variant on an eight-wheeled chassis, provided by Denmark.

Regardless of the model, the CAESAR can hit targets up to a distance of 18.6 to 37.3 miles, depending on the ammunition, with experimental shells reaching up to about 49.7 miles. It boasts a rapid-fire rate of up to six shells per minute and can operate in MRSI mode. The system's 240 horsepower engine enables a maximum speed of about 62 mph on paved roads, enhancing its mobility on the battlefield.

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