TechUkrainian forces repel Russian attack, destroy key military assets

Ukrainian forces repel Russian attack, destroy key military assets

Ukrainian attack on Russian equipment
Ukrainian attack on Russian equipment
Images source: © X, @Osinttechnical
2:42 PM EDT, March 12, 2024
During the assault, the Russian forces deployed an entire column, which was comprehensively documented, including footage from Ukrainian drones counteracting the attack. This documentation revealed the loss of several infantry fighting vehicles, a T-72B tank, and a TOS-1A system among the Russian equipment. Due to its destructive capabilities, the TOS-1A is often referred to as the "Russian's hellish weapon."
The TOS-1A, a rocket artillery system, began production in the late 1980s. It is equipped with a launcher that can hold 24 rockets, each 8.7 inches in diameter and packed with roughly 99 pounds of a thermobaric explosive mixture. Upon impact, these rockets generate an explosion, creating epicenter temperatures up to 5432 degrees Fahrenheit—akin to a nuclear blast in scale, albeit without the radiation. The sheer force and temperature of the blast mean anything within the immediate vicinity of the impact zone is virtually vaporized.

Russian column on fire. TOS-1A destroyed

The system, based on the chassis of a T-72 tank, is about 31 feet long, weighs approximately 50.7 tons, and can reach speeds up to 37 mph. Despite its mobility, from a Russian strategic standpoint, the TOS-1A has a notable limitation: its relatively short range of about 3.7 miles. This necessitates frequent repositioning, making the systems vulnerable to Ukrainian defenses.

The destroyed T-72B tank, also detailed in the report, is an advanced version of the T-72A, introduced into service in 1985. It is among the most common variants in the T-72 tank family. The lost tank was particularly valuable as it was fitted with a mine plow for clearing or moving landmines. Weighing about 48.5 tons, it measures over 31 feet in length and around 22.5 feet in width, with armament that includes a 125 mm caliber 2A46M cannon and machine guns of 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm.

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