EntertainmentBruce Willis's daughter is devastated by her father's health condition. "It's crushing."

Bruce Willis's daughter is devastated by her father's health condition. "It's crushing."

Bruce Willis's daughter is devastated by his illness.
Bruce Willis's daughter is devastated by his illness.
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2:53 PM EDT, September 29, 2023, updated: 9:09 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Bruce Willis is seriously ill. He had to give up his career, and his loved ones are taking care of him. One of the star's older daughters admits that her father's condition is serious. She is overwhelmed by the situation, which continues to deteriorate.

Bruce Willis is 68 years old and were it not for illness, he would likely be making more movies. However, he has been diagnosed with aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, and his condition is continually worsening, says Emma Heming with regret. His 45-year-old wife doesn't hide the actor's condition from fans. She speaks about how her husband is no longer the same person, how he struggles with speech, and forgets important family events, perhaps not even remembering their shared past. It is a horrific experience, yet Heming has no thoughts of leaving her beloved partner. There is still no cure for aphasia and dementia.

"As a family, we want to inform you that our beloved Bruce has been diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities. After consideration, he decided to retire from a career that meant so much to him. This is a difficult time for all of us, therefore we greatly appreciate your support, sympathy, and love" - Willis' closest family members announced in a statement at the beginning of 2022.

Emma and Bruce are jointly raising two daughters. Mabel Ray is 11 years old, and Evelyn Penn is just nine. The actor also has three adult children from his relationship with Demi Moore, who strongly supports Willis and his second wife in coping with their new reality.

Rumer, Tallulah Belle, Scout LaRue are 35, 29, and 32 years old. The oldest of the daughters of the actor couple recently became a mother, while also dealing with her father's illness. Tallulah also has a lot to say on this topic, she even did not notice when her father began to get sick. She mistook the symptoms from a few years ago as indifference and her dad's focus on his new family.

"It started with something like indifference, which the family attributed to hearing loss" - Willis wrote in "Vogue". "The truth is, I was too sick to deal with it myself. For the last four years, I have been suffering from anorexia, which I reluctantly talked about. While I was deep in eating disorders and flaunting it on Instagram, my dad was quietly fighting" - she added.

Tallulah realized that her father was not himself and would never be again. "It's devastating" - she wrote in her column for Vogue. Then her mourning began. She realized that her beloved father would never be able to make a speech at her wedding - he wouldn’t be capable because of his health condition. That broke her down.

The therapy helped Willis and Moore's youngest daughter to focus on the here and now, and appreciate the simple fact that her father is still getting to know her.

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