NewsBlaze engulfs Moscow building. Fears rise over trapped victims

Blaze engulfs Moscow building. Fears rise over trapped victims

Fire in Moscow
Fire in Moscow
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7:52 AM EDT, May 3, 2024

A fire has erupted in Moscow, engulfing a three-story building in flames. Reports suggest people might be trapped inside, though these claims have yet to be confirmed. The firefighting operation has faced significant challenges, necessitating the support of aviation resources.

The blaze, which broke out in a building housing administrative offices and industrial operations, has spread across all three floors. Aviation is being utilized to control the fire amid concerns that individuals might be inside. The exact cause of the fire remains unknown, but the smoke plumes are visible even from neighboring towns.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the fire is threatening to spread to nearby buildings. The firefighters' response was reportedly delayed, complicating efforts to manage the blaze effectively. Furthermore, there's a concerning possibility that the building might collapse. It was mentioned that a portion of the property is leased to various companies, some of which handle flammable materials.

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