LifestyleBali's web of terror: Tourist films hundreds of giant spiders

Bali's web of terror: Tourist films hundreds of giant spiders

Terrifying footage. A wall covered in spiderwebs with hundreds of spiders.
Terrifying footage. A wall covered in spiderwebs with hundreds of spiders.
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5:04 AM EDT, April 20, 2024

Bali, often chosen by tourists, is hailed for its idyllic landscapes, unique culture, and exotic cuisine. There are numerous reasons why it’s worth visiting. However, an internet user recently shared a compelling reason to perhaps avoid it—not due to the crowds, but spiders. Her video is nothing short of terrifying.

"If you're looking for a reason not to come to Bali, this is it,” she starts sharing her video on Facebook. The footage, likely to stir dread in arachnophobes, shows hundreds of spiders clustered on a massive web.

Grace Kelly, the 33-year-old behind the lens, captured this eerie scene while travelling between Ubud and Mount Batur, near Kintamani. To illustrate the spiders’ daunting size, she placed a watch next to one, revealing a creature both horrifying and fascinating in its enormity.

The British traveller confessed that upon seeing the spider-filled web, she implored her driver to turn back, unable to fathom the sight before her.

""I’m absolutely terrified of spiders but I think the awe took over and I knew I wanted to capture it as it was so out of this world. Also, they were very still which made me less uneasy. I didn’t get too close.,” she told

A web wall and countless spiders straight out of a Halloween nightmare!

Grace revealed that the webs extended over 66 feet along the roadside, draping over buildings, trees, and power lines. She firmly stated that no money could entice her to traverse this daunting wall of webs.

In the comments under Kelly's original post, a reassuring note was left by a resident of the Indonesian island for seven years. "These spiders are only located in the north of Bali called Bangli region or Kintamani near Mount Batur," they clarified.

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