EntertainmentZuckerberg reveals Meta's ambitious AI future: 350,000 Nvidia chips and a world intertwined with AI

Zuckerberg reveals Meta's ambitious AI future: 350,000 Nvidia chips and a world intertwined with AI

Mark Zuckerberg on artificial intelligence
Mark Zuckerberg on artificial intelligence
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6:15 AM EST, January 19, 2024

Zuckerberg has set his sights on developing an unprecedented artificial intelligence. The mogul shared his plans on Meta Threads, insisting that maximum efforts should be directed towards advancing AI in all possible domains. He believes that the development of generalized intelligence is mandatory for the success of the next generation of services.

The future of AI according to Mark Zuckerberg

"Our long-term goal is to build versatile general intelligence, expand it responsibly, and make it so accessible that everyone can benefit from it," Mark Zuckerberg outlined in a shared video on social media.

The Billionaire informed that Meta is expected to procure almost 350,000 Nvidia AI chips by 2024. The company intends to merge its two principal artificial intelligence research wings: FAIR and GenAI.

Zuckerberg earnestly believes that artificial intelligence and the metaverse (virtual space) share an intertwined relationship. He says AI won't merely supplement our lives but become an intricately integrated component.

"I foresee that by the close of this decade, many of us will be interacting regularly with AI during our day-to-day activities, especially through smart glasses like the ones we're developing in collaboration with Ray Ban Meta," announced Zuckerberg.

The role of AI in Zuckerberg's firm

According to CNN, Zuckerberg's latest declaration is amongst the most substantial commitments of his company towards redoubling efforts in the sphere of artificial intelligence. Giants in the tech industry, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, consistently brainstorm about AI advancements. Meta's CEO's pledges could inadvertently threaten other developing revolutionary products.

In the initial part of 2024, Zuckerberg proclaimed that Meta was set up to form an elite product group to supercharge the company's work on AI tools. Analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee from Forrester Research stated that Meta's move towards artificial intelligence should not catch anyone off guard.

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"The notion that all companies are now technology companies has evolved to every company is an artificial intelligence company. Since Facebook transitioned to Meta, the interest in the metaverse has noticeably diminished. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that the company is turning to artificial intelligence to regain its former glory," stated the analyst in an interaction with the media.

Source: edition.cnn.com

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