EntertainmentZoe Clauzure's 'Coeur' claims victory at emotion-filled Junior Eurovision

Zoe Clauzure's 'Coeur' claims victory at emotion-filled Junior Eurovision

Joy of the Junior Eurovision 2023 winner
Joy of the Junior Eurovision 2023 winner
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7:49 AM EST, November 27, 2023

The evening was filled with riveting emotions. Plenty of tears were shed at the Junior Eurovision event in France. The winning song was undoubtedly a pop sensation, resonating profoundly and outshining even the most ambitious competitors.

The theme of this year's Junior Eurovision was 'Heroes', celebrating children as the promising hope for a better and peaceful future. Held in Nice, the competition saw participation from 16 countries, with performers between nine and 14 years old. All the performances were live and devoid of mechanical voice enhancements.

There were no mishaps that evening. The nondescript event that touched many hearts was that of German Fii, who live-translated the lyrics of her song 'Ohne Worte' ('Without Words') into sign language for her sister and many other hearing-impaired children. The overwhelming emotions among participants were quite noticeable off-stage, in the green room, where the British girl band and a French artist broke into tears. The latter lost her words and couldn’t complete her sentence.

The most popular songs were impressively delivered by French Zoe Clauzure and Spanish Sandra Valero. Both songs were catchy and stirred instant appeal among the audience. However, Zoe's delivery was particularly impactful. Her heart-shaped piano spectacle had internet commentators convinced about her impending victory.

As anticipated by many, Zoe's 'Coeur' won the contest with overwhelming votes from national juries and global audiences. The second place was secured by the Spanish 'Loviu', and the third spot was taken by the K-pop sensation 'Do It My Way' by Yan Girls from Armenia.

Maja Krzyżewska during her performance at Junior Eurovision 2023
Maja Krzyżewska during her performance at Junior Eurovision 2023© Youtube
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