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Zodiac signs with wandering eyes and hearts in matters of love

Which zodiac signs are inclined to infidelity?
Which zodiac signs are inclined to infidelity?
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7:48 AM EST, November 9, 2023

These zodiac signs always have a wandering eye. They fall in and out of love quite frequently, and they don't seem to feel guilty about it - it's just a game to them, after all.

Taurus: Always on the hunt for ideal love

Taurus is traditionally considered to be one of the most loyal and steady signs of the zodiac. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, this doesn't always hold true. They are idealistic in their pursuit of love and have high expectations of their partners. If someone fails to meet their standards, they won't hesitate to look elsewhere, even if it means betraying their current partner.

People born under Taurus follow their own set of morals, and they do not see betrayal as a grave mistake - unless it's done to them. They consider themselves entitled to keep searching, but believe others should not do the same. A Taurus who falls victim to betrayal is likely to be deeply hurt and is unlikely to forgive easily.

Gemini: The restless heart

Geminis are notorious for being difficult to pin down. They crave variety and are notoriously fickle. They feel bored without an influx of new experiences and often believe that monogamy is at odds with their nature - a proposition they won't shy away from arguing passionately when it's time to move on.

Individuals born under Gemini love adventure and thrive on rich emotional experiences. They view infidelity as a non-issue, asserting their right to chase pleasure. If their actions upset their partners, their response is typically, "You're free to leave."

Libra: Unpredictable and insatiable

Libras like to keep their options open, often having a Plan B even when they are in a committed relationship. They're perpetual seekers, never quite satisfied with what they have. This trait extends to both their personal and professional lives, with an ideal that always seems just out of reach.

Even when deeply committed, Libras love a bit of harmless flirting. Who knows, they might stumble upon someone more attractive or wealthy? Minor emotional betrayals of this sort challenge their image as trustworthy partners, even if they rarely escalate beyond casual flirtation.

Sagittarius: King of flirtation

Sagittarius is inherently sociable and adventurous. Stability and routine bore them. Individuals born under Sagittarius are charmingly eloquent and highly sociable, effortlessly making romantic connections, regardless of their relationship status.

Sagittarians are so charismatic that they easily draw people - and temptation - towards them. Infidelity doesn't weigh heavily on their conscience. If they do stray, they're unlikely to admit it and can convincingly deny allegations right up to the end.

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