LifestyleZendaya shocks in cosmic 'Star Trek' style at Schiaparelli's SS24 show - a sign of things to come?

Zendaya shocks in cosmic 'Star Trek' style at Schiaparelli's SS24 show - a sign of things to come?

Zendaya appeared at the Schiaparelli show in a completely new look.
Zendaya appeared at the Schiaparelli show in a completely new look.
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12:39 PM EST, January 22, 2024

The haute couture shows for the spring-summer 2024 collection have just begun in Paris. Italian fashion house Schiaparelli kicked off the season, having stirred buzz in recent seasons. Remember Kylie Jenner's lion head ensemble? This time, stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya graced the show.

Zendaya doesn't frequently attend movie or fashion events, which makes her outfit choices all the more noteworthy. Now, the actress has donned a futuristic style, a complete departure from her regular image, making her almost unrecognizable. Not only was her outfit a talking point, but she also completely transformed her usual brown, wavy bob.

Zendaya transforms with a hairstyle not of this world:

Did Zendaya change her hairstyle, or was she wearing a wig to garner even more attention than usual? The "Euphoria" star posed with long, dead-straight hair in a shade of bitter chocolate. But the most surprising element was the fringe reminiscent of "Star Trek". The cosmic effect was definitely achieved.

Zendaya's elegant black outfit with eccentric details:

In terms of her outfit, Zendaya opted for a total black ensemble - elegant but with non-obvious details. She wore a silk crepe turtleneck, the sleeves of which were adorned with tied"cosmic pumps".

The actress paired her skin-tight turtleneck with acolumn-like silk skirt. The cut attracted attention due to thedraped "tail", or an unusual train that rustled in the wind and trailed behind Zendaya as she ascended the stairs.

Zendaya in a "cosmic" hairstyle
Zendaya in a "cosmic" hairstyle© Getty Images | STEPHANE CARDINALE

Also see: She donned a daring dress. The zipper reached her navel

Zendaya in a beanie with "antennas"
Zendaya in a beanie with "antennas"© Getty Images | 2024 Arnold Jerocki

The finishing touch to the star's look for the Schiaparelli show were thin knee-highs and black stilettos with red soles, coveted by women everywhere. Zendaya has once again caused a sensation, proving that she knows how to make even the most unconventional styles work.

Zendaya in a black creation at the Schiaparelli show
Zendaya in a black creation at the Schiaparelli show© Getty Images | STEPHANE CARDINALE
Zendaya in a dress with a tail
Zendaya in a dress with a tail© Getty Images | Marc Piasecki
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