NewsZelenskyy under scrutiny: "Paying for his mistakes"

Zelenskyy under scrutiny: "Paying for his mistakes"

Will Klitschko replace Zelensky? The Mayor of Kyiv criticizes the President of Ukraine.
Will Klitschko replace Zelensky? The Mayor of Kyiv criticizes the President of Ukraine.
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8:22 AM EST, December 3, 2023

Kyiv's mayor, Vitali Klitschko, has openly criticized Volodymyr Zelenskyy, implying his actions have been ineffective. In response to queries about potential presidential ambitions, Klitschko argued that such considerations during wartime would be imprudent.

Klitschko, a former boxer, stated that Ukraine's existence as a state is currently in question. He emphasized that Russia does not see Ukraine as an independent player on the global stage.

When asked if he was surprised by Zelenskyy's declining popularity, Klitschko succinctly replied: "no". "People can evaluate effectiveness. There were and still are many expectations. Zelenskyy is paying the price for his mistakes," assessed the Kyiv mayor.

Klitschko inferred that Ukrainians are questioning why their nation wasn't better equipped for the ongoing war and why Zelenskyy denied its likelihood until the last moment. He also reminded his audience that despite not capturing Kyiv, the Russians swiftly reached the Ukrainian capital's surroundings after the invasion commenced.

"Regardless, the president holds a crucial role presently, and we need to support him throughout the war," Klitschko underlined. He added that once the conflict has ended, every politician will have to account for their successes and failures.

Is the war in a stalemate? Klitschko aligns with Zalužny's view

Klitschko was asked about the statement from the chief commander of the Ukrainian army, General Valeriy Zalužny, who expressed in early November that the war with Russia has become a stalemate.

The Kyiv mayor concurred with Zalužny, stating "he told the truth". "Sometimes people are hesitant to accept the truth. The General has clarified the current situation. We could mislead society and our allies, but for how long could we keep that up?" Klitschko pondered. He also voiced full support for Zalužny.

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