NewsZelenskyy compares Hamas to Russia. "The same evil"

Zelenskyy compares Hamas to Russia. "The same evil"

The President of Ukraine sees no difference between Hamas and Russia
The President of Ukraine sees no difference between Hamas and Russia
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10:11 AM EDT, October 10, 2023, updated: 10:22 AM EDT, October 10, 2023

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on NATO to unite in the fight against terrorism. He also compared the Hamas to Russia. - They are the same evil - he said.

During a meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Copenhagen, Volodymyr Zelensky called for a battle against terrorism and stated that the tactics of Hamas in Israel are similar to those used by Russia against Ukraine.

- It's the same evil, with the only difference being that there is a terrorist organization that attacked Israel, and here is a terrorist state that attacked Ukraine. The declared intentions are different, but the essence is the same. The same blood is visible on the streets. Civilian cars are similarly shelled, the same bodies of tortured people - he said.

He reminded that Israeli journalists, who were in Ukraine and witnessed the consequences of Russian crimes, for example, in Bucha, now see the same in their own country.

- Sometimes terrorist leaders ask what principles international order is based on. As if they didn't understand. And these are very simple principles: do not assault women, do not kill, do not treat children as trophies, do not flood cities and villages with blood, do not shoot at cars with civilians. Do not attack peaceful cities with rockets and drones. And one more rule: in all circumstances, it is necessary to put terrorists and all those who help them on trial - said the president of Ukraine.

Zelensky also linked Iran to both the attack by Hamas and the war in Ukraine. He reminded that it sells kamikaze Shahed drones to Russia and argues that the Islamic regime cannot claim that it "has nothing to do with what's happening in Israel".

- Our unity must and can stop evil. Our desire for peace, not their desire for blood, should decide how the world lives - he said.

Sudden attack by Hamas

Over the weekend, Hamas launched a massive attack on Israel. So far, over 1500 people on both sides of the conflict have been killed, and many thousands are injured. The Palestinians have also kidnapped many people.

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