NewsZelensky's Plea: Ukraine Eyes US Loan Terms for Crucial Military Aid

Zelensky's Plea: Ukraine Eyes US Loan Terms for Crucial Military Aid

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
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8:04 AM EDT, April 7, 2024

During a nationwide information telethon, "United News," Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed on Saturday evening that Ukraine is exploring various options but is prepared to accept the terms of a loan to finance military aid from the United States.

President Zelensky emphasized Ukraine's willingness to comply with the loan conditions to secure military assistance from the USA. Regarding whether Ukraine would consent to the United States' credit-based assistance, Zelensky shared that numerous alternatives are under consideration, highlighting the urgency of receiving aid. "If offered the choice between receiving aid on credit today or for free in a year, we would choose today. Our sole choice is to survive and win; we're exploring every means to achieve this. The timeliness of the credit is crucial for us," Zelensky underscored.

The necessity of American support for Ukraine cannot be overstated, according to Zelensky.

"We are aware of the potential timing for a Russian counter-offensive, pinpointing when acquiring a sufficient amount of weapons becomes imperative. Without this financial support, securing the required weaponry would be impossible. And I remain optimistic that we will secure a favorable vote in the United States Congress," Zelensky stated.

Political Issue

Ukraine keeps the United States informed about frontline situations and the urgent necessities of its defense forces. Macro-financial assistance from the United States would bolster the country's economy and armed forces.

"Regrettably, Russia's war on Ukraine has turned into a domestic political matter in the United States, though it pertains to global security. This immature outlook baffles me. We are, unfortunately, caught in the middle of the U.S. electoral process. However, I remain hopeful that sense will prevail, and we will receive the needed assistance," the president concluded.

The Need for Patriot Systems

When inquired about the air defense systems required by Ukraine, the president chose not to disclose how many Patriot systems the country possesses but mentioned that Ukraine ideally needs 25 Patriot systems, each with 6-8 batteries, for comprehensive security. "Given Ukraine's vast territory, this number of systems is necessary. This is no secret, as all our partners are fully informed, including the placement and operational points of these systems," he clarified.

Zelensky also pointed out that Ukraine would benefit from Patriot systems or their equivalents. "There are several effective equivalents globally. Our approach to this matter is systematic and well-calculated," he remarked.

Construction of Defense Fortifications

The president announced that the construction of defensive fortifications across all regions is expected to be completed within a few months, with some areas already nearing 98 percent completion.

He anticipates that "80-100 countries will participate in the first inaugural Peace Summit in Switzerland," with the date being finalized soon. "This summit, I believe, will mark a significant step towards peace. It's an essential gathering where we will meet our partners and plan further actions to end the war," Zelensky shared.

Regarding China's participation in the summit, Zelensky mentioned that a specific list of participating countries has yet to be finalized.

"In the next few days—not weeks—we hope to settle on a date for the summit in collaboration with the President of Switzerland. Following that, invitations will be sent to world leaders in various formats," he detailed.

Foreign Troops in Ukraine?

The president expressed support for training programs or border guard missions from foreign nations in Ukraine but clarified his stance on requesting foreign troops for combat. "I cannot openly call for the world's armies to come to Ukraine and engage in battle. Doing so would only provide Russia with ammunition to claim that other nations should not send their youth to war, potentially undermining the unity of European countries and NATO," Zelensky explained.

He elaborated that such a call might lead Russia to deter other countries from offering military support to Ukraine, divide societies, pressure national leaders, and delay aid shipments.

"However, let's be frank: we have several volunteer formations with individuals of different nationalities fighting for Ukraine. Should anyone wish to offer their support, Ukraine will warmly welcome it," the president emphasized.

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