NewsZelensky's call for Russia's defeat to protect lives amid escalating attacks

Zelensky's call for Russia's defeat to protect lives amid escalating attacks

Zełenski: Russia must lose this war. It's the only way to protect lives.
Zełenski: Russia must lose this war. It's the only way to protect lives.
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4:29 PM EDT, March 24, 2024

For the past several days, Russia has escalated its aerial assaults across Ukraine, predominantly targeting the country's vital infrastructure, specifically the Ukrainian energy system. However, residential buildings have not been spared from the missile attacks. "Russia must lose this war. Only then can we effectively protect human life," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Sunday.

"760 days of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. More than two years of clear evidence of what Putin's system is bringing to the world. Ruins instead of cities and villages. Death and pain, not life. Terror instead of international law. ," Volodymyr Zelensky shared on his X platform profile.

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Zelensky emphasizes: Protecting human life requires Russia's defeat

"Russia losing this war is the sole means to ensure the reliable protection of human life. Implementing air defense, supplying long-range weaponry and artillery, applying sanctions, seizing Russian assets, and supporting our nation are all measures that edge us closer to reinstating just peace and a return to normalcy," Zelensky elaborated.

Zelensky also shared a video depicting the harsh consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

In recent days, Russia has ramped up its aerial bombardment of Ukraine. Missiles and kamikaze drones daily target Ukrainian territories, primarily focusing on energy facilities. Yet, missiles have also struck residential buildings and educational establishments.

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