NewsZelensky warns US aid deadlock could lead to Ukrainian retreat

Zelensky warns US aid deadlock could lead to Ukrainian retreat

Dramatic words of Zelensky. "We lost half a year"
Dramatic words of Zelensky. "We lost half a year"
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6:27 PM EDT, March 30, 2024

"We lost half a year. Ukraine cannot be a topic of partisan disputes," declared Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with The Washington Post. The Ukrainian President sharply criticized the prolonged deadlock in Congress over additional aid for Ukraine, stressing, "Without support from the USA, we will be forced to retreat, and if the front collapses, the Russians will march on the major cities," Zelenskyy warned.

Zelenskyy argued that without the ability to mount a counteroffensive, Putin's forces will certainly do so. "The capabilities Ukraine has on the front line depend on Congress's decisions. Without further aid from the USA, our offensive operations will be limited. To drive the Russians back east, we need more weapons," emphasized Zelenskyy.

He pointed out that critics of further supporting Ukraine "fail to grasp the stakes of the ongoing war." "If Ukraine falls, Putin will categorize the world into those who are with or against Russia," he warned.

Deadlock in Congress leaves Ukraine awaiting aid from the USA

The approval of a new aid package by the U.S. Congress is crucial for America to maintain its support for Ukraine. Support was largely halted at the end of last year, following the announcement of the latest weapons package for Kyiv.

The proposal made by the White House in October included approximately $40 billion for military purposes—mainly to replace the resources drained by sending weapons to Ukraine—and nearly $12 billion for financial aid.

Source: The Washington Post

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