NewsZelensky warns of European conflict without immediate US support

Zelensky warns of European conflict without immediate US support

Zełenski sends a warning. "War may come to Europe"
Zełenski sends a warning. "War may come to Europe"
Images source: © East News | Ukrainian Presidency/SIPA
1:13 PM EDT, March 29, 2024

Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that without support from the United States, Ukraine might lose the ongoing war with Russia. "We hardly have any artillery left," the Ukrainian president stated during an interview with American television network CBS. He also mentioned that if Ukraine were to be defeated, the conflict could potentially spread to Europe.

The interview with Zelensky, which took place against the backdrop of destruction in an eastern Ukrainian neighborhood, did not disclose the specific city's name. During the conversation, Zelensky conveyed that despite the current grim circumstances, Ukraine has somewhat stabilized the situation at the front. He believes the current conditions are more manageable than they were two or three months ago, during which the Ukrainian military faced significant shortages in artillery ammunition.

Yet, Zelensky cautioned that Ukrainian forces could only maintain their positions for a limited time without further support from the USA, emphasizing the urgency of this support, mainly because a significant Russian offensive is anticipated in late May and early June.

Zelensky: Urgent need for assistance

The president reiterated his concerns about the sustainability of Ukrainian forces' defense without immediate aid from the United States. He highlighted the imperative nature of such support. "It's not enough to just prepare or stabilize the situation; we need help now," Zelensky urged, reiterating the diminishing artillery reserves.

According to him, the Russian Federation stands to gain from the current stall in weapon supplies from the USA, a delay caused by a deadlock in Congress over the aid package for Ukraine. Zelensky specified that missile defense systems and artillery ammunition are among the most critical needs.

"The conflict could spread to Europe"

When asked if he still believed that Ukraine would lose the war without US support, Zelensky confirmed this, adding, "It's not that simple." He warned that a defeat could lead the conflict to swiftly spill over into Europe and potentially the United States. "It could come to Europe very quickly," he remarked.

Zelensky also commented on Vladimir Putin, stating that the Russian leader would never forgive the West for its role in the dissolution of the Soviet Union. "We don't need to change his views. We need to replace him," Zelensky emphasized firmly.

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