NewsZelensky warns: If Ukraine loses Germany could be dragged into WW3

Zelensky warns: If Ukraine loses Germany could be dragged into WW3

Zelensky warns: If Ukraine loses Germany could be dragged into WW3
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10:18 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 7:04 AM EST, February 1, 2024

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky cautions that Germany could be dragged into a third world war if Russia overpowers Ukraine and seizes its territory.

In an interview with ARD, Volodymyr Zelenski warned of the consequences of Russia's victory over Ukraine. He mentioned the German Chancellor, stating that the latter "understands the danger." He pointed out that other European countries are also at risk if Russia wins the war. He also mentioned Poland.

Zelenski said that "Russia will get closer to Germany if we don't hold out." He added that in his opinion Olaf Scholz "understands the risks. And that clearly means - World War Three." - he said.

The Ukrainian president added that he was not in a position to say whether Russia would first target Germany, Poland or the Baltic states after a victory over Ukraine.

Zelensky also spoke about his concerns about Donald Trump's candidacy for US president. In the event of a U.S. withdrawal from aid efforts - for example, after a possible election victory for Donald Trump. Zelensky expressed his confidence that members of both the Republican and Democratic parties recognize the seriousness of the situation. He stated that, "it’s not likely that US policy depends on a single person".

Zelenski also spoke of his hopes for more German involvement. - I would really like that; Germany's strong economy is the reason for its strong influence on other European Union countries - said the president of Ukraine.

What does the Ukrainian army need? Zelesnky raised the issue of the long-range missile Taurus with a range of 300 miles. - This is not about one type of weapon or another. If you believe that Ukraine is right and needs to put Russia in its place, you should take the necessary steps - he argued.

Source: Daily Mail

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