NewsZelensky urges quicker Western military aid to defend Ukraine

Zelensky urges quicker Western military aid to defend Ukraine

They want to attack Russia. Talks with allies are underway.
They want to attack Russia. Talks with allies are underway.
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6:47 AM EDT, May 21, 2024

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an exclusive interview with Reuters that Western allies are taking too long to make crucial decisions regarding military support for Ukraine. He added that he is urging partners to become more directly involved in the war against Russia.

Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine's allies could help intercept Russian missiles over Ukraine. According to him, Polish fighter jets could be engaged in this effort.

- When missiles are flying, Polish planes are scrambled, but they do not shoot down Russian missiles. Can they do it? I am sure they can. Does it count as an attack on NATO countries, involvement in the war? No - he assessed.

The Ukrainian president stressed that providing weapons like the Patriot air defense system to the front is a "big step forward." However, he noted that this could have happened much earlier.

Zelensky hits the West. "A decision delayed by a year"

- Every decision we make, and then everyone together is delayed by a year – said Zelensky. According to him, if Western aid had arrived sooner, the Ukrainian army would have been able to prevent many Russian attacks.

The politician reminded that Ukraine does not use Western weapons to attack targets within Russia due to the lack of consent from allies. He also noted that Kyiv does not understand this approach. Zelensky emphasized that his country is trying to persuade partners to change their stance on this issue; however, these talks have not yielded the desired results so far.

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