NewsZelensky reports major victory as Ukraine halts Russian offensive

Zelensky reports major victory as Ukraine halts Russian offensive

Zełenski believes that the situation on the front in Ukraine has improved.
Zełenski believes that the situation on the front in Ukraine has improved.
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1:11 PM EDT, March 12, 2024

"The situation has markedly improved compared to the last three months," Zelensky reported, noting that despite the Russian onslaught in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian command and soldiers have successfully thwarted it. "Today, our command, our soldiers have managed to stop it," he reinforced.

The halted Russian offensive

Despite facing obstacles such as a shortage of artillery ammunition, an air blockade, Russian long-range weaponry, and the prolific presence of Russian drones, the Ukrainian military has managed to stop the Russian offensive, leading to significant losses in Russian forces, Zelensky revealed.

However, Zelensky warned that the situation could shift "in a month or a week" without adequate support for the Ukrainian military.

In his discussion, Zelensky also addressed French President Emmanuel Macron's suggestion of deploying Western troops to Ukraine. He clarified that there's no need for this action, adding, "As long as Ukraine holds up, the French army can stay within French borders." Zelensky conveyed Macron's underlying intent to ensure that Ukraine does not stand alone.

"Emmanuel Macron merely wants Ukraine not to be left isolated. He's keen on forming a support network around Ukraine, and I see no risk in this," Zelensky stated.

He also discussed the possibility of a NATO member being targeted by Putin, explaining that in such a scenario, NATO would need to decide on the manner and scale of military support.

Response to Pope Francis' comments

Zelensky addressed Pope Francis's remarks suggesting Ukraine should show the "courage of the white flag" and seek to negotiate an end to the war with Russia. Zelensky firmly dismissed any possibility of a ceasefire with Moscow.

"For Putin, a ceasefire is a lifeline. These wouldn't be negotiations but a chance for him to replenish his army's strength and train new recruits," Zelensky explained, emphasizing that a ceasefire would also enable Russia to produce more ammunition.

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