NewsZelensky discusses offensive failures, White House responds

Zelensky discusses offensive failures, White House responds

Most of the money from the USA is to go towards military aid for Ukraine.
Most of the money from the USA is to go towards military aid for Ukraine.
Images source: © PAP | Oleg Petrasyuk

11:19 AM EST, December 2, 2023

"If Congress does not pass the aid package for Ukraine by year's end, further support for Kyiv at the necessary level will be exceedingly challenging," stated John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, on Friday.

Kirby reiterated the urgent call to Congress to approve the necessary funding for further assistance to Ukraine. He stressed that this approval is needed by the end of the calendar year, as "after this date, delivering aid at the level that Ukrainians need will pose extreme difficulties."

"We need this support immediately to continue providing uninterrupted aid," he clarified. He emphasized that due to the legislative delay, the administration has already had to limit the weapon aid packages sent to Ukraine.

The administration is requesting an additional $61 billion, of which nearly $12 billion is intended to support the Ukrainian budget (financial assistance from Washington ended in September). Most of the proposed funds are earmarked for military aid. The proposed package also includes support measures for Israel, Taiwan, and border enforcement.

Despite urging from the administration, no branch of Congress has yet introduced a bill proposal. The main obstacle is currently a debate over stricter immigration and asylum policies demanded by the Republicans, who also want to reduce the total expenditure.

Simultaneously, Kirby refuted President Volodymyr Zelensky's claims that insufficient support was the reason for the failure of the Ukrainian offensive in the fall.

Kirby emphasized that Ukraine received what it needed, and each weapon package was composed in coordination with Kyiv's representatives. He admitted, however, "It's hard to blame President Zelensky for wanting more weapons to stave off this invasion."

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