AutosZeekr shakes up e-mobility with 15-minute charge batteries: A revolution from Geely's corner?

Zeekr shakes up e‑mobility with 15‑minute charge batteries: A revolution from Geely's corner?

Zeekr 001 FR
Zeekr 001 FR
Images source: © Press materials | Zeekr
8:11 PM EST, December 18, 2023

The batteries that Zeekr is developing in-house are based on a customized lithium-iron-phosphate design that supports rapid charging with high power inputs up to 500 kW.

The first model to incorporate these new batteries will be the Zeekr 007 sedan. An 800-volt electrical system will enable rapid charging, fully recharging a range of up to 311 miles in just 15 minutes. Should these claimed values hold up in reality, it would undoubtedly represent an e-mobility revolution.

These innovative batteries not only have technical implications but also key business advantages for the brand, offering independence from third parties. Up until now, Zeekr has been sourcing its batteries from CATL, a provider whose products are found in vehicles such as the 001 crossover and the 009 minivan.

Considering Zeekr's place within the Geely group, a conglomerate that also owns Volvo and Lotus, it is highly likely that these high-performance batteries will be integrated into models from these sister brands.

Regrettably, the Chinese firm remains tight-lipped about the specifics of these revolutionary batteries. All that remains is to wait and witness these potentially game-changing batteries in action.

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