EntertainmentYouTuber's fake pregnancy stunt sparks outrage and debate

YouTuber's fake pregnancy stunt sparks outrage and debate

The YouTuber lied about being pregnant.
The YouTuber lied about being pregnant.
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5:03 PM EDT, May 3, 2024

A 20-year-old YouTuber returned after a year-long hiatus, only to announce that she was pregnant. However, this revelation was later found to be false.

In April of this year, 20-year-old YouTuber Caroline Konstnar disclosed her pregnancy. She teased the announcement in her video, saying: "Yes, the rumors are true. I am pregnant... very excited to use this baby to boost my stats".

Did the YouTuber fabricate a pregnancy to attract views?

Caroline Grossman, who has been active on YouTube under the pseudonym "Konstnar" since 2019, is known for her comedy sketches and song parodies. "Konstnar" translates to "artist" in Swedish. Her most recent video, "For free?", which delves into a foot fetish, was posted in March 2023. Her channel went silent until she revealed her supposed late-stage pregnancy.

Two weeks after displaying her pregnant belly, Konstnar released a video titled "I lost the baby". The video thumbnail depicts a tearful YouTuber, implying a miscarriage occurred.

However, the video starts with Konstnar frantically searching her kitchen, claiming she can't find her "lost" child. She eventually admits: "I am not pregnant". She added: "I'm sure some of you are shocked. I'm sure some of you are not at all surprised. Some of you may not care, but some might be asking why the hell did you lie about it?".

Why did Caroline Konstnar fabricate her pregnancy?

In her explanation, Konstnar discusses the complex dynamics between content creators and their audiences. She states, "When you're a content creator, the line between entertainment and reality becomes very blurred." She highlights how viewers form bonds with personas crafted by creators, who see them as anonymous viewers whose attention carries financial significance.

Konstnar explained: "I lied about being pregnant as a joke. The joke did not make light of pregnancy under tough circumstances or call the audience gullible for believing. Instead, it was about how people get attached to something unreal, and in the process, I embodied something unreal. We all keep searching for connections here but rarely find them".

The top comment on Konstnar’s video reads: "If you're angry at Caroline, then you must be new here". Yet, not everyone appreciated the humor. Some responded sarcastically to those who had shared personal stories in response to her initial announcement, hinting at a nice surprise awaiting them.

Despite upsetting some fans, the video debunking her pregnancy claim quickly amassed over 200,000 views in one day. This incident, while controversial, shows that Konstnar still has a significant following, with her channel boasting over a million subscribers.

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