EntertainmentYouTuber's dangerous game. RPG-7 explosion brings $300K in medical bills and an undeterred spirit

YouTuber's dangerous game. RPG‑7 explosion brings $300K in medical bills and an undeterred spirit

The Youtuber fired an RPG-7 by hand.
The Youtuber fired an RPG-7 by hand.
Images source: © YouTube: Ballistic High-Speed | YouTube: Ballistic High-Speed
1:51 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Adam Knowles, an American, co-authors the Ballistic High-Speed channel, where the YouTubers evaluate the functioning of various firearms and film the shots using high-speed cameras. A serious accident took place during their November recordings.

Creator nearly lost his life to a grenade launcher explosion

Adam Knowles was making a video scrutinizing the recoil of different weapons. Everything was under control until the YouTuber wielded the RPG-7 grenade launcher. The gun, unfortunately, the last to be tested that day, exploded in Knowles' hand as he fired the rocket.

Understanding saving? It's harder than you might think

In the aftermath of the explosion, he passed out. Emergency services were immediately summoned. Knowles suffered severe injuries such as a fractured skull, a broken jaw, third-degree burns, and shrapnel wounds all over his body.

The staggering cost of creativity

Adam Knowles has had several surgeries, including skin grafts. Currently, while his condition has improved significantly, his hands remain heavily bandaged. As of now, Knowles' medical expenses amount to over 300,000 dollars, a figure that is still likely to rise. Intriguingly, despite the horrific accident, the YouTuber is not deterred from making future recordings.

My RPG-7 Exploded On Me (in Slow Motion) - Ballistic High-Speed

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