AutosYouTuber crashes McLaren Senna days after purchase, hitting Lexus store

YouTuber crashes McLaren Senna days after purchase, hitting Lexus store

McLaren Senna crashed in Los Angeles. It belonged to a businessman and YouTuber.
McLaren Senna crashed in Los Angeles. It belonged to a businessman and YouTuber.
Images source: © Reddit | slattdemon99

9:02 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

A video from California capturing the moment a McLaren Senna was involved in an accident is quickly gaining traction online. The vehicle, recently acquired by a YouTube automotive channel host who owns a fast-food chain, had only been in the owner's possession for a few days.

Images and videos of damaged supercars or automotive icons often pull at the heartstrings of car enthusiasts, and this incident is no exception. The car in question, a McLaren Senna, is exceptional in appearance and a challenge to control. Beneath its hood lies a 4.0-liter V8 double-turbocharged engine that produces up to 800 horsepower.

Yet, it's hard not to feel dismayed by the Los Angeles recorded video that swiftly gained popularity on Reddit. The McLaren driver, attempting to impress onlookers, executed a pirouette on the public road before trying to speed off with screeching tyres – a manoeuvre that ended poorly.

The car slipped from the driver's grasp, veered to the right, and, with significant force, crashed into a building, coincidentally a Lexus dealership, causing extensive damage.

The vehicle, particularly its right front side, appeared severely damaged in the aftermath. However, if the carbon monocoque withstood the impact effectively, "the patient" might yet be salvageable.

Los Angeles sees a McLaren Senna wrecked; recently purchased by YouTuber entrepreneur

Netizens quickly identified the driver as Edmond "Mondi" Barseghian, the founder of the Houston TX Hot Chicken fast-food chain and a YouTuber with an automotive channel boasting 190,000 subscribers at the time of this writing.

Just four days before the accident, Mondi flaunted his new McLaren Senna in a video, showcasing a model identical to the one involved in the Los Angeles crash, thus connecting the dots.

While some might speculate that Mondi wasn't driving at the time of the accident, his history of vehicular misadventures suggests otherwise. Notably, he previously totaled a brand-new Hummer EV shortly after acquiring it and was involved in a Porsche 992 GT3 accident, though he was not at fault in the latter instance.

This isn't the first time a high-valued car like the McLaren Senna, worth at least $1.3 million (about 5.2 million Polish złoty), has been wrecked in Mondi's care. However, the insurer might not consider it a total loss this time.

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