NewsYoung Utah couple's tragic crash while en route to reveal pregnancy news shocks community

Young Utah couple's tragic crash while en route to reveal pregnancy news shocks community

They were going to their family to share the good news. They died on the way.
They were going to their family to share the good news. They died on the way.
Images source: © Instagram | @parkerandchloeforever

5:29 AM EST, December 29, 2023

On Wednesday, December 20, a tragic accident took place in Wickenburg, Arizona, USA. Two vehicles - a passenger car and a truck - collided on one of the local roads.

Chloe Stott and Parker Stott were the young 24-year-old couple involved in the accident. They were traveling by car en route to spend Christmas with their family.

According to reports from, the young couple planned to announce their joyous news regarding Chloe's pregnancy to their family. Chloe Stott was in her tenth week of pregnancy at the time of the accident.

Chloe was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband, Parker, was rushed to a hospital in a critical condition. Despite six days of life-saving efforts, he also succumbed to his injuries on December 26.

Fundraising campaign

The couple's friends, fraught with grief, initiated an online fundraiser to support the bereaved families in arranging the funerals. In a brief time, they successfully raised over $53,000.

We know they are together and in a better place now. We also believe they will watch over us and lend us their guidance until we see them again - reads the fundraiser's description.

The young couple spent their day-to-day life in Lindon, Utah, where they ran a successful small cosmetic salon.

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