EntertainmentYoung Russian's quest for love in India goes viral with QR code

Young Russian's quest for love in India goes viral with QR code

A Russian woman is looking for a husband from India.
A Russian woman is looking for a husband from India.
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1:56 PM EDT, June 5, 2024

A young Russian woman, captivated by the magic of India, embarked on an extraordinary journey aimed at discovering the riches of this fascinating country and finding love. The traveler came up with an unusual idea to attract potential candidates and set out requirements that are not too demanding.

The e-visa policy for India has opened doors for tourists worldwide who wish to discover the wealth of this fascinating land. Social media is increasingly filled with stories of Indian adventures, showing how foreigners immerse themselves in local culture, wear traditional outfits, savor delicious dishes, and explore the spirituality of this unique place.

Among such people is Dinara, a Russian woman who has taken the internet by storm with her videos from India posted on Instagram. In March 2024, Dinara had merely 200 followers; today, that number has exceeded 122,000. Enchanted by the magic of India, Dinara decided to look not only for adventures but also for love here.

Looking for an Indian husband. A QR code helps her

Finding the ideal partner, however, is not easy. Dinara has precise requirements: her chosen one must be tall (over 5 feet 11 inches), unmarried, and love travel and music. Most importantly, he must be Indian.

To ease her search, Dinara set off to explore India in a T-shirt with a QR code leading to her Instagram profile. She was also seen wearing a sari and holding a printout of a QR code in public places.

The Russian woman is entirely fascinated by Indian culture. She still wears saris bought in India and records clips with Bollywood songs in the background. Dinara also doesn't hide her love for chai (Indian tea), which she enjoys daily.

However, the most significant revolution is that Dinara has abandoned cutlery and started eating with her hands. This is another proof of how deeply she has immersed herself in Indian customs and traditions. Will the Russian woman find love in Bollywood style? Time will tell!

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