LifestyleYoung mom's unconventional baby sleep method sparks online debate

Young mom's unconventional baby sleep method sparks online debate

The young mother shows how she puts her child to sleep.
The young mother shows how she puts her child to sleep.
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9:12 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Scarlett is a young mom who shares her daily life events on TikTok. Her unconventional parenting methods, often captured in her videos, have drawn varied reactions.

Forgoes cuddling to put child to sleep

Scarlett's way of putting her child to sleep stands out from the norm. She does not rock or cuddle the baby until they fall asleep. Instead, she closes the blinds, feeds the baby, and gently places him in the crib. If the baby resists sleep, she picks him up momentarily, then sings lullabies. This unconventional sleep method was shown in detail on one of her TikTok videos.

"I try to put her straight into the crib, rather than rocking her to sleep or cuddling her. The last time I tried this, it worked, and after three days, she was waking up only twice at night, instead of every 45 minutes to 2 hours," she explained in the video's caption.

Scarlett’s video has gone viral on TikTok, accumulating over a million views so far. Thousands of comments were shared, with netizens voicing their opinions on Scarlett's controversial methods. A portion of the commenters viewed her way of putting the baby to sleep as improper and lacking affection.

"I can’t comprehend pushing this level of independence on young children."
"Hold your child! She is small and needs you. In the future, you won't regret showing her affection."

- shared some netizens.

However, the video also garnered positive feedback. Numerous comments suggested that the child would be fine sleeping in the manner his mother preferred and that this method would allow the parents much-needed rest.

"Everyone who says 'just rock her to sleep' or 'she won't be little forever' evidently does not understand the struggles of parenthood. Good job, mom!"
"Hahaha, us moms also need a break when our children sleep. Well done, mom. You're a step closer to fostering greater independence for your kids."

- they emphasized.

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