LifestyleYoung McDonald's employee unveils regular customer complaints on TikTok

Young McDonald's employee unveils regular customer complaints on TikTok

Fast food worker reveals what customers complain about
Fast food worker reveals what customers complain about
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11:55 AM EST, February 10, 2024

Abby Selby, a woman from Great Britain, works at McDonald's daily. The 20-year-old is passionate about sharing her daily life experiences with her audience through TikTok videos. Recently, she shed light on the most common customer complaints at McDonald's.

Common complaints at McDonald's

Convincing someone that working in the hospitality industry isn't one of the simplest jobs doesn't require much persuasion. In one of her TikTok videos, 20-year-old Abby Selby revealed that spats with customers are practically an everyday ordeal. She works at McDonald's, primarily taking orders in the drive-thru area.

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Customers don't just try to deceive their way to an extra portion of food but also fail to grasp many things that are beyond the control of the employees themselves. Abby pointed out that most people don't realize that their breakfast menu is only available until 11 AM. Apart from arguing over them not offering items from the menu, they even try to instil a sense of guilt into the workers by suggesting that their children will go hungry due to the employees' avarice.

Additionally, customers frequently bring back cold food, demanding replacements. But, a major issue arises when they lodge complaints long after they've collected their food.

Employees blamed for customer mistakes

McDonald's launched a feature not long ago, which enables customers to place orders from specific outlets via drive-thru, often helping them avoid long queues. It can be accessed using the restaurant's app.

However, Abby Selby revealed that customers often incorrectly choose the location where they plan to collect their order. They arrive at her store once they are notified about their orders being ready for pick-up. At this stage, they realize that their food is awaiting them at an entirely different location or even a restaurant on the far side of the city.

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