EntertainmentYoung genius scientist. He invented a soap that cures skin cancer

Young genius scientist. He invented a soap that cures skin cancer

The best young scientist invented a soap that cures skin cancer.
The best young scientist invented a soap that cures skin cancer.
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2:47 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

Heman Bekele from Virginia has been recognized as the best young scientist in America. The fourteen-year-old won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge by creating a soap that cures skin cancer.

The young scientist spent the last four months, competing with nine other finalists, and secured victory during the final challenges at the global headquarters of 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota. Participants faced a series of interactive challenges and were assessed on the basis of:

  • creativity and innovative thinking,
  • application of STEM principles,
  • demonstration of passion and research,
  • presentation skills and the ability to inspire others.

Fourteen-year-old Heman Bekele took first place in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge 2023 for his work on soap based on compounds that treat skin cancer, according to a press release. In addition to the prestigious title of America's best young scientist, he will also receive 25 thousand dollars.

Soap treating skin cancer

Heman's soap, which treats skin cancer, has been developed over the last eight months. The soap bar was created based on chemical compounds. It uses a cancer-fighting agent, soap base, and various drugs and chemical substances to help in treating various forms of skin cancer.

Bekele explained that soap production is much cheaper "compared to traditional methods of treating skin cancer, which cost tens of thousands of dollars after a procedure that lasts from one to two years". The cost of producing one bar is $8.50.

A soap that cures skin cancer is currently undergoing the patent process. If it gets approved, Bekele will focus on the distribution and certification of the soap given by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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