AutosYou will pay for the Ferrari with Bitcoins. This is the answer to the customers' needs

You will pay for the Ferrari with Bitcoins. This is the answer to the customers' needs

Ferrari Roma (2020)
Ferrari Roma (2020)
Images source: © Autokult | Ferrari

8:36 AM EDT, October 17, 2023

Ferrari officially accepted cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for their products. For now, this is only in the USA, but the Italian brand has similar plans for Europe as well.

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the world of finance, providing a digital alternative to traditional money. Although they still cause a lot of controversy, more and more companies are accepting them as an official form of payment. Ferrari, or actually, the American branch of the brand, has just joined the list.

The decision was confirmed in a recent conversation with Automotive News Europe by Enrico Galliera, the brand's marketing manager. As he admitted, this is in response to customer needs.

"Some young investors made a fortune on cryptocurrencies. Others, more traditional, used them as a form of diversification". All of them are warmly welcomed in American Ferrari showrooms.

The decision of the Italian brand is a reflection of the significant change occurring in business attitudes towards cryptocurrencies. Many companies still treat this form of payment with skepticism, mainly due to its impracticability in everyday trade, unclear legal regulations, and environmental issues, as mining bitcoins is a very energy-intensive process. However, it must be admitted that work is still underway on changes that would allow the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies to be reduced.

Returning to Ferrari, Galliera emphasizes that bitcoin payments will not be associated with any additional inconveniences. The brand intends to treat this currency like any other in the USA.

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