News"You support Israel or terrorism". The actor caused a storm

"You support Israel or terrorism". The actor caused a storm

Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp
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8:23 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

The escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the consequences of the war actions of both sides have shaken the world. Actor Noah Schnapp has decided to take a very controversial position on this issue.

The war between Israel and Palestine is an incredibly broad topic, and the conflict has been going on for decades. However, the attack by Hamas, which took place in the early morning of October 7, was an escalation on an unprecedented scale. Over 1200 Israelis were killed as a result of the actions of the Palestinian fundamentalists, and more than 3000 were injured. Many people of other nationalities also died.

Israel's response is as brutal as the attack by Hamas. There is much talk about the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip. The murder of civilians, including women and children, has enraged Israel to the limit. In the 2-million population Gaza Strip there is chaos, Israel is trying to recover from the shocking offensive by Hamas, and the mood between the feuding nations has not been so tragic for a long time.

Unsurprisingly, tremendous tensions are also transmitted to the media. There is a discussion going on between people supporting Israel and those calling for the independence of Palestine. The atmosphere is highly inflamed, and the words of celebrities or famous personalities often only stoke it further. This is also the case this time.

Attack on Israel. Surprising words of the actor

Noah Schnapp is an American actor of Jewish descent, who is mainly famous for playing the role of Will Byers in the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things". On his Instagram profile, Schnapp decided to address the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

I am scared. I am scared for my brothers and sisters in Israel, who have been senselessly attacked by Hamas. My heart breaks seeing brutal murders of innocent children, women, and soldiers fighting in their own defense. I, like others, want peace for Palestinians and Israelis. Let's stop the rhetoric and picking sides. [...]
We can agree that Hamas is a terrorist organization: they do not represent the Palestinian people, cherishing the killing of Israelis more than protecting their own. Either you stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism. It shouldn't be a tough choice - wrote Schnapp.

Schnapp's words were largely heavily criticized on the internet. Commentators emphasize that condemning the crimes committed by fighters is not equivalent to justifying or accepting Israel's many years of repression against Palestine. They also point out to the actor that he first appeals to stop "taking sides," and then he does it himself.

I like that first [Schnapp] says that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people, and then says that you either stand with terrorism or with Israel. Two contradicting statements.
Where was this outrage when Palestinian women and children were bombed and sexually harassed since 1948?
Please forgive me for being against genocide.

Statement by Noah Schnapp. Ukrainians are just as furious

With his statement, Schnapp not only infuriated the Palestinians and those supporting them. Ukraine also got caught in the crossfire, which the actor essentially referred to as a "trend".

I also noticed a silence on social media like never before. The same people who love to get involved in trendy issues, like supporting Ukraine or fighting against climate change, are now terrifyingly quiet - wrote Schnapp.
He just called the war in Ukraine a trendy matter. War. A trendy matter. Have you lost your mind?! - this is typically how replies to the above passage look.
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