AutosYellow dust menace: protecting your car from damaging pine pollen

Yellow dust menace: protecting your car from damaging pine pollen

Dust on the car
Dust on the car
Images source: © Autokult | Mateusz Żuchowicz
9:47 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Yes, the yellow dust doesn't just settle on cars. It covers pretty much everything - from windows and window sills to balconies and garden furniture.

The removal of this dust can be quite an exasperating process, as regardless of our best efforts, it reappears promptly.

If you're assuming this is sand or dust blown over from the Sahara, you're mistaken.

Actually, the pine tree, particularly its male flowers, are to blame for the whole mess. Their pollination period is what gives us the yellow spectacle from May to early June.

So if you park your car outdoors, it might be wise to delay washing your vehicle. Otherwise, your efforts could seem very much like the labours of Sisyphus, especially if you park near trees.

Also keep in mind, you should not attempt to remove the dust when it's dry using a cloth or your hand. Doing so could cause micro-scratches on the body or glass. If you want an efficient and quick solution, your best bet would be to visit a car wash.

Even though pine pollen doesn't trigger allergies, it can still cause discomfort by irritating nasal or throat mucosa, particularly at high concentrations. Therefore, if you haven't changed your cabin filter in a while, doing so after the pine flowering season might be a beneficial move.

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