TechXiaomi set to launch SUV sequel to popular SU7 electric car next year

Xiaomi set to launch SUV sequel to popular SU7 electric car next year

Xiaomi set to launch SUV sequel to popular SU7 electric car next year
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11:34 AM EDT, May 16, 2024

The first Xiaomi electric car, the SU7 model, achieved massive success in the market. The Chinese company intends to continue its momentum and will introduce another model next year.

Xiaomi presented its first electric car some time ago, and it quickly became a hit. The SU7 model stands out with its attractive design, modern technology, and impressive performance. Although it draws some inspiration from other models, the SU7, from a distance, resembles a sporty Porsche Taycan. The next Xiaomi electric car is expected to be an SUV, a popular vehicle that may resemble the Tesla Model Y.

The next electric car from Xiaomi is expected to be an SUV

Xiaomi will present its second electric car, which is to be based on the technology used in the SU7 model. The first Xiaomi model gained enormous popularity in the Chinese market, where customers are lining up to buy it.

Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7© Press materials

To sustain this success, Xiaomi plans to introduce another model. This time, it will be a compact or mid-size SUV, not a sporty sedan. The Chinese company intends to challenge Tesla, whose Model Y, an affordable SUV, enjoys popularity worldwide.

Xiaomi plans to flood the market with its electric cars. Although we do not have detailed information about the new vehicle yet, the manufacturer wants to significantly increase its sales. The goal is to raise the annual production of cars to 300,000 units, including the SU7 model and future new releases.

The new Xiaomi electric car will hit the market early next year. We will surely learn more details about this model before its premiere.

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