SportsXi Jinping receives Tour de France Yellow Jersey from Macron in symbolic gesture

Xi Jinping receives Tour de France Yellow Jersey from Macron in symbolic gesture

Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron
Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron
Images source: © Getty Images | Matthieu Rondel
10:04 AM EDT, May 12, 2024
Xi Jinping will return to China after his visit to France, bringing with him an original gift from Emmanuel Macron: the yellow jersey of the Tour de France leader, presented at a significant location.
Such small gestures can foster great friendships among the world's political leaders. During their visit to Col du Tourmalet, Macron presented his distinguished guest from China with this unique gift.

The choice of location was significant. The Col du Tourmalet pass is a symbolic spot for the Tour de France, having featured in the race numerous times since its first inclusion in 1910.

"Our cooperation springs from the sharing of personal stories. It's a great honor to welcome you, President Xi Jinping, to the Tourmalet Pass in the Hautes-Pyrénées. This place holds great significance for me, just as Guangzhou does for you," Macron tweeted in Chinese for the occasion.

It's worth mentioning that President Macron and his wife previously visited China at the invitation of President Jinping.

Macron eloquently expressed, "Col du Tourmalet, where we're hosting you, is legendary in our sport. We hope that, over time, we'll see more Chinese participants in the Tour de France."

Let's note that the 111th edition of the Tour de France is scheduled to start on June 29, 2024, and will conclude on July 21. For the first time in history, the race will not end at the Champs-Elysées in Paris but in Nice, an adjustment made to accommodate the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris starting July 26.
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