Tips&TricksWrap up the holidays: The secret to packaging oddly shaped gifts without breaking the bank

Wrap up the holidays: The secret to packaging oddly shaped gifts without breaking the bank

How to wrap an awkwardly shaped gift in paper?
How to wrap an awkwardly shaped gift in paper?
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3:46 PM EST, December 16, 2023

Gift wrapping seems easy until you have to do it yourself. Putting an item in a bag is a breeze, but a gift wrapped in decorative paper brings more joy during the unwrapping process. Dealing with irregularly shaped items can be challenging, as folded and crumpled paper can make the gift seem untidy, even giving the impression it was crushed in someone's hands. The forthcoming gift-wrapping method ensures you'll avoid this problem.

Gift wrapping need not be tricky!

Purchasing multiple gift bags can get expensive. Considering that a single bag costs roughly $2.64-$3.96, depending on its size and decorations, buying a roll of paper and a length of ribbon just for a few dollars is a cost-effective solution. You can use them to wrap multiple gifts. That's why, every year, more people opt for festive paper. Additionally, a gift wrapped in paper holds more suspense, increasing the anticipation in the receiver. Traditional bags often expose their contents, killing the suspense.

Typically, oddly shaped gifts are wrapped in a "candy" style, which doesn't look very neat. Hence, it's worth consulting online guides that illustrate easy and enjoyable ways to handle unusually shaped items, such as a vase or perfume bottle. With these guides, wrapping gifts will become easy and enjoyable!

How to wrap an irregular gift in decorative paper?

Start by assembling the necessary items. Procure a roll of decorative paper, some yards of ribbon, scissors, and optionally, some tape. Spread out the roll of paper on the floor where there's ample room to move around.

Place the object on the paper and cut a piece that offers some excess on both sides, reaching halfway across the gift. Gently fold the paper to ensure it covers the right surface. Cut the paper where the object's edge ends and start folding it towards the center. Start from the bottom and then move to the top. Now, you have two options: one, tape the fold and add a ribbon or two, hold the paper in place and tie the object with a ribbon. The entire trick is thoroughly explained in the video available on the "Smart Fox" YouTube channel. The channel offers numerous guides on how to wrap gifts and decorate your house for the holidays.

Packing gifts of irregular shape.
Packing gifts of irregular shape.© Youtube | Smart Fox
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