FoodWorm-free cherries: TikTok hack shows simple washing trick

Worm-free cherries: TikTok hack shows simple washing trick

Cherries are one of the best summer fruits.
Cherries are one of the best summer fruits.
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1:11 PM EDT, June 21, 2024

The cherry season is in full swing, and their prices have come down to a more reasonable level. Many of us are indulging in these delicious fruits by the pound, as their season is short. It would all be perfect if it weren't for one problem: cherries often have worms. A certain TikTok has shown a trick to make washing them both easy and effective. He also demonstrated why it is so important to do so.

Cherries are considered some of the best summer fruits. They are sweet and come in various colors—from light yellow to red to almost black. These fruits have many health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C and fibre. However, even those who absolutely love them sometimes decide to forgo them because of the worms.

Not appetizing

Cherries can be a home for various unappetizing creatures, most commonly the whitish larvae of the cherry fruit fly. Although there is no evidence that these larvae can harm humans (certainly no more than the pesticides on many fruits), everyone does not welcome them. TikToker @kozijamamoto showed how to get rid of them.

Worms flee

There is a simple way to get the larvae of the cherry fruit fly to leave the cherries. Washing the fruits alone is not enough. The TikToker also used baking soda, often used in various kitchen tricks, and proved useful again this time. This method is both cheap and effective. Please take a few tablespoons of baking soda, depending on how many cherries you have, dissolve it in water, and soak the fruits. As it turns out, this trick makes the white worms flee from the cherries in panic.

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