NewsWoman suffers partial blindness after botox injection

Woman suffers partial blindness after botox injection

Denize became partially paralyzed.
Denize became partially paralyzed.
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10:24 AM EST, December 3, 2023

Denise Alvez from Brazil fell victim to a promotional offer for botox injections. Just a few days post-procedure, she began experiencing peculiar symptoms, including a droopy eyelid. As it turned out, the 39-year-old's face ended up partially paralyzed.

A native of Brazil, Denise Alves had just celebrated her 39th birthday and decided to combat the aging process. She attended a cosmetic clinic on November 16, drawn by their Black Friday discounts. The chosen service cost her 650 Brazilian reals, approximately $120.

Partial blindness occurred after the procedure

"I've have been opting for botox as a preventative measure since I was 33, always from a different specialist. A few years ago, I had a lymphatic drainage procedure at this particular cosmetic clinic. Because of this, they offered me an even greater discount. Regrettably, this 'deal' turned out to be of a higher cost than I anticipated," said Alves.

Initially, Alves noted no abnormal effects. The procedure took its regular course and she felt her normal self. However, two days later, one of her eyelids started to droop.

Alves assumed that it might be an allergic reaction, so she promptly sought medical advice. Despite receiving medication for it, her condition did not improve. Her drooping eyelid started obstructing her vision, worsening her condition.

"I spent an entire day consulting various doctors. Visited an ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and neurologist. They even performed a CT scan, suspecting it could be a stroke," Alves revealed to the Daily Mirror.

It was only after several consultations that Alves received the correct diagnosis. The botox injection procedure had gone awry, resulting in her facial paralysis.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, the doctor reassured Alves that her condition would normalize. However, this might take up to six months.

Alves, devastated and with limited vision, now shares her story on social media, cautioning women about the risks of discount treatments. She appeals to everyone to think twice before going under the knife for cosmetic enhancements.

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