LifestyleWoman discovers her 'dead' husband is alive and living with his mistress in Mexico

Woman discovers her 'dead' husband is alive and living with his mistress in Mexico

The husband of the TikToker faked his own death.
The husband of the TikToker faked his own death.
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8:45 AM EST, February 10, 2024

Anessa chose to share her story on TikTok. Mourning her supposedly deceased husband, she was shocked to learn that he had fabricated his death to escape to Mexico with his mistress. As if that weren't enough, another person close to Anessa was involved in the scheme.

"I was informed he had committed suicide," she recalls

Anessa was informed about her husband’s apparent tragic death by his parents who reside in Florida, while she lives in California. Prior to this incident, her relationship with her husband was strained, and they were in the process of divorcing.

After informing Anessa about their son's alleged suicide, his parents asked her not to attend the funeral due to the ongoing divorce proceedings. Following the devastating news, she communicated with her in-laws, as well as individuals who claimed to be the coroner and staff from the local police station.

Fast forward to January. Anessa respected the decision not to attend the funeral and spent several months in profound grief. Little did she know that a shocking revelation awaited her.

A surprising message: her husband was alive and had released a statement

In March, an unexpected message turned up in Anessa's inbox stating that her husband was very much alive and residing in Mexico with a lover. The 41-year-old man decided to respond directly to Anessa's claims.

"I didn't fake my own death. It's the most absurd thing I've ever heard," he stated.

He accused Anessa of spreading false stories, claiming he had filed for divorce. Meanwhile, he alleged that he discovered his wife's mother was in a coma. However, the woman was not in a coma, and he accused Anessa of spreading false information. There was yet another surprise in store for Anessa.

"They planned to set me up"

Further complications surfaced when Anessa learned that her mother had also been involved in the scandal, having been in contact with her husband and his mistress. Anessa revealed that her mother had blocked her and refused to communicate with her. She also claimed that her ex-husband had never initiated the divorce – it was her who had left him and moved out of Miami.

"It just shows, in my opinion, that my husband and his lover, having phone conversations with my mother and recording them, was all part of a plan to make me look insane," Rossi stated, publishing screenshots of text messages from those involved.

Her ex-husband maintained that he had never cheated on Anessa, labelling all of her allegations as baseless. However, he later confessed to suffering from bipolar affective disorder and conceded that certain aspects of Rossi’s account were accurate.

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