Tips&TricksWinter woes: How potato peels can revive your wilting houseplants

Winter woes: How potato peels can revive your wilting houseplants

Potted plants will revive thanks to potatoes.
Potted plants will revive thanks to potatoes.
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2:26 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Winter is a challenging time for houseplants. The air in the apartment is dry and warm, yet they're also exposed to cold drafts during room ventilation. Furthermore, the days are shorter, depriving them of sufficient natural light. Consequently, leaves and shoots may begin to wilt. However, there's a simple and cost-free gardening method to combat this issue.

How to care for houseplants during winter

Winter care for houseplants necessitates a few adjustments in your regular routine. Firstly, you need to diminish watering and fertilizing. Nonetheless, maintaining adequate humidity in the rooms is vital. You can achieve this through the use of humidifiers and regular misting of plant leaves. Always make sure your specific type of plant can tolerate having its leaves wet before attempting this.

Also, strive to provide your plants with the proper amount of light. If you've been keeping your houseplants deep inside the room, move them closer to the window during the winter. This way, they can better absorb the sunlight, which is vital for them during this season.

What's the best way to feed houseplants?

As hinted earlier, fertilizing during winter should be discontinued. But, if you notice your houseplants wilting, it’s time to act. A mild home remedy based on potatoes will do the trick, and it's quick to prepare.

Next time you peel potatoes for dinner, save the peelings instead of discarding them. Gather them up and put them in a jar. Make sure to choose a container big enough to hold all the scraps. Afterward, fill the container with water, ensuring that the peels are completely submerged. Once you've done that, seal the jar. If you don't have a lid, you can tightly wrap the top of the jar using aluminum foil.

The potato mixture needs time to infuse. That's why you should store it in the fridge for a week. During this period, the peels will release beneficial elements like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium into the water. After a week, strain the concoction into a separate container and dispose of the peelings.

How should I use the potato-based fertilizer on houseplants?

When the liquid fertilizer is ready, you can water the plants with it. The potato water will feed them, enhancing their growth. Apply this home remedy every fourteen days, and you'll notice significant improvements in the overall health of your houseplants.

The potato peel fertilizer is a clever way to repurpose kitchen waste and boost houseplant growth. Keep in mind, though, if you don’t fancy storing a potato mixture in your fridge for a week, water from boiled potatoes can serve as an alternative fertilizer. It contains the same nutrients. Just ensure you leave out any salt when boiling the potatoes, as this could adversely affect your plants.

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