NewsWinter storm wreaks havoc: Hampton submerged under sea foam and snow, state of emergency declared

Winter storm wreaks havoc: Hampton submerged under sea foam and snow, state of emergency declared

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11:06 AM EST, January 12, 2024

In some parts of the country, this winter storm brought heavy rainfall, while in others, it arrived with bone-chilling snowstorms and blustery winds. Wednesday morning posed especially hazardous conditions in the Northeastern USA, where the unfolding scenes resembled a nightmare.

Sea foam engulfs Hampton's streets

Hampton Beach in New Hampshire was hit hard as waves crashed onto the streets. Major thoroughfares were entirely under water. An additional challenge was the sea foam stirred up by the waves. It enveloped a significant area of the city, leading local authorities to employ snow plows in its removal.

"Mother Nature always has the upper hand" - stated Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno. "We're currently assessing the damage. Some roads may have suffered significant damage" - he added.

Winter storm provokes chaos in USA

Another officer reported to the media that the police noticed damages to the breakwater in Hampton Beach, along with damages to nearby homes. On Wednesday, the city was briefly placed under a state of emergency, with the police urging residents to evacuate.

Multiple photos and videos have begun to surface on the Web, demonstrating the extensive destruction caused by the storm. Homes and vehicles in a large portion of this coastal town have been immersed in floodwater.

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