Tips&TricksWinning at Monopoly. Oxford professor shares board game strategy secrets

Winning at Monopoly. Oxford professor shares board game strategy secrets

With these tips, you will win every Monopoly game.
With these tips, you will win every Monopoly game.
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3:47 PM EST, January 1, 2024

Those who have not yet experienced Monopoly should know it's about trading properties within a specific city. Each player starts with a certain amount of money, and the intelligent investment of that money can hinge upon victory. Though fictional, this possibility of financial gain stirs intense emotions among players. So, how does one win Monopoly?

How to win at Monopoly?

This is the question every disheartened bankrupt player has after a loss. The subject intrigued Professor Marcus du Sautoy, an acclaimed mathematician at the University of Oxford. He devised a winning strategy for Monopoly. According to him, the orange-colored properties around the prison on the board play a crucial role. Players often roll dice scores of between six and eight in this area.

Du Sautoy's research suggests that the position remains advantageous even when you find yourself between these properties. The rent required isn't excessively high, and the cumulative effect can be advantageous. This approach allows for collecting rent from those in jail or those who are "just visiting."

What else should you keep in mind while playing Monopoly?

The reigning world champion in Monopoly echoes a similar winning strategy. He emphasizes the importance of investing in all four railway lines, as income from them gets substantially multiplied, shaping the game's outcome. He also advises not to hesitate to invest in the media, which, in Monopoly, can be a lucrative venture.

The creators of Monopoly intended it to be a fun family board game. Nonetheless, Professor du Sautoy finds himself deeply fascinated by it, asserting that understanding mathematical principles can help secure a win. In his book "Around the World in 80 Games," he explains the functioning of various games, giving his readers valuable insights into a winning strategy. He also emphasizes the immense value of board games like Monopoly.

Board games like Monopoly improve logical thinking skills, thereby enhancing brain function. They make a great pastime, especially during winter evenings, with ample free time.

Winning at Monopoly is a matter of good strategy.
Winning at Monopoly is a matter of good strategy.© Pixabay | dboschm
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