TechWindows 11 update glitch. Users stuck with white screen snag

Windows 11 update glitch. Users stuck with white screen snag

Windows 11 update glitch. Users stuck with white screen snag
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9:11 AM EDT, April 15, 2024

Windows 11 has encountered a snag following the KB5036893 update, part of the April patches released during Patch Tuesday. Users report a persistent issue where they are greeted by a blank white screen upon startup, reminiscent of Windows' quick setup background. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this inconvenience.

As reported by Windows Latest, the troubles with Windows 11, particularly after applying the April security updates, are multifaceted. The KB5036893 update is at the heart of these problems, introducing a bug that leaves some users facing a white screen that mirrors the backdrop of the Windows setup process seen after certain updates.

Although this glitch seems insurmountable, users have found a makeshift solution. Discussions on Reddit and Microsoft's tech support forums have uncovered that disconnecting the internet temporarily resolves the issue. This workaround suggests that Windows 11 doesn't attempt to refresh system configurations without internet connectivity, allowing the computer to start up smoothly.

Needless to say, disconnecting from the internet is hardly a sustainable fix, nor is it convenient for daily computer use. With Microsoft yet to release a follow-up update to address this bug, users can fend for themselves in finding temporary fixes.

Moreover, as highlighted by Windows Latest, the white screen predicament in Windows 11 isn't the sole issue cropping up post-update. Several users face old errors that present indecipherable codes, hampering the update installation process.

Such issues, frustratingly familiar to those experienced in Windows 10, also indicate a recurring challenge in the update process. Users are advised to exercise patience until Microsoft notes these issues and disseminates subsequent updates to rectify these flaws.

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