TechWindows 11 to integrate phone files directly in File Explorer

Windows 11 to integrate phone files directly in File Explorer

Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 22H2
Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 22H2
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11:27 AM EDT, June 14, 2024

Shortly, File Explorer in Windows 11 may be expanded with a new feature to enhance the integration between computers and Android devices. This feature will allow users to browse phone files directly on their computer screen.

New features in Windows 11 File Explorer

This new functionality in File Explorer is under development and not yet available. It is related to the evolution of the Phone Link tool, which was tested as part of the KB5034855 update in the Insider program, reports the Neowin service. Eventually, an option will appear in Windows 11 settings to request access to the memory of a connected Android phone, allowing its files to be displayed in Explorer.

If this feature works smoothly in practice and quickly transfers files to the computer, it could become one of the most valuable changes in Windows 11 File Explorer. It will undoubtedly ease the management of extensive collections of photos and videos stored on phones, as archiving these files on a computer often proves cumbersome and time-consuming. The option to browse phone memory in Explorer without needing a USB cable could simplify this process significantly and encourage more regular backups.

Browsing phone memory in File Explorer is not the only new feature associated with the Phone Link tool. A feature enabling a smartphone camera as a webcam was also recently added. It’s unfortunate that such a feature was delayed, especially considering the surge in remote work triggered by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, this new feature allows many users to improve the quality of video calls without incurring additional costs—phone cameras are usually much better than the cheapest webcams available.

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