TechWindows 11 Task Manager to monitor Neural Processing Unit load on AMD processors

Windows 11 Task Manager to monitor Neural Processing Unit load on AMD processors

Windows 11 will display additional data from AMD CPU.
Windows 11 will display additional data from AMD CPU.
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4:38 AM EST, February 23, 2024

While the Task Manager in Windows 11 is not one of the most frequently updated system applications, beneficial changes do occur occasionally. Recently, the focus has primarily been on visual updates. However, technical innovations have also surfaced, including the significant addition of NPU load monitoring in the latest processors. As of now, this feature is only compatible with Intel hardware.

As reported by Tom's Hardware, NPU load monitoring will soon be available for computers with the latest AMD processors. The NPU is a chip specialized for artificial intelligence calculations. In Windows 11, plenty of applications will utilize this feature, including a forthcoming one that generates additional frames to assist the GPU.

In the following months and years, NPU monitoring could become a significant component of diagnostic and component analysis in computers. AMD believes that incorporating these units into CPUs is a groundbreaking advancement, predicting that a large portion of software will soon rely heavily on the computational power of NPUs.

The release of the proposed 24H2 Windows 11 version, which includes the new AMD processor monitoring option, is slated for the second half of 2024.

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