TechWindows 11 snipping tool gets new features, rivals image software

Windows 11 snipping tool gets new features, rivals image software

Microsoft windows 11
Microsoft windows 11
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1:03 PM EDT, May 21, 2024

The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 is gaining more features that significantly enhance its capabilities. As a result, this basic system tool for taking screenshots is becoming so advanced that one might wonder if using additional image-capturing software is even necessary.

The Snipping Tool, used for taking screenshots and later editing them, has recently been enriched with many new, useful features. This is noted by the MSPowerUser service. The latest of these is image searching. After taking a screenshot, the user can click a button in the context menu to automatically use the Bing search engine to find similar elements on the internet. This is another convenience following the introduction of the text recognition (OCR) function a year ago, which allows for easy copying of text from screenshots without the need to manually retype it.

Earlier, the Snipping Tool in the Insider program also added support for emojis that can be added to screenshots and QR code recognition. This last function is particularly useful when, for example, there is a QR code in a PDF document or an image that cannot be read easily. However, it should be remembered that QR codes are not always safe — like shortened links, they do not directly reveal the target URL. Malicious QR codes pose an increasing threat because they can direct users to phishing sites or install malicious software.

Image searching in the Snipping Tool is available in the application version marked v11.2404.39.0. As part of the Windows 11 system, this application is regularly updated along with the system. Users will thus progressively see new features implemented via Windows Update, following earlier tests in the Insider program.

Which other applications can be used for taking screenshots?

Even though the Snipping Tool is becoming increasingly functional and convenient for many users, it is not the only method for efficiently taking screenshots on Windows computers. There are many free third-party applications that may be more suitable in some situations.

Among these applications, one can mention, for example, ShareX, a versatile open-source tool offering advanced methods for capturing and editing, including video recording. Additionally, it's worth noting the LightShot application, which stands out for its simplicity and speed, allowing quick screen capture and sharing. PicPick, on the other hand, offers advanced editing tools and is free for personal use. Greenshot, as an open-source tool, has an intuitive editor and options for uploading to various services. FastStone Capture is a lightweight tool for capturing images and recording video with advanced editing options.

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