TechWindows 11 24H2 update to explore AI utilization with 'super resolution' feature

Windows 11 24H2 update to explore AI utilization with 'super resolution' feature

A frame from the Windows 11 presentation
A frame from the Windows 11 presentation
Images source: © Microsoft

3:06 PM EST, February 12, 2024

This major system update for Windows 11 24H2 was recently surrounded by uncertainty due to the confusion over the development branches of Windows within the Insider program and speculation about Windows 12. However, we now understand that the Eleven update will be happening, flanked by the usual host of new features. Consistently, these updates are delivered to computers through Moment packages, irrespective of the version numbers.

According to Windows Central, the so-called super-resolution feature that will find its place in Windows 11 settings is worthy of mention. It's anticipated to work remarkably in gaming. With this feature, Microsoft aims to apply AI to real-time image analysis to enhance the fluidity of motion and detail level.

In essence, this new option in Windows 11 should operate similarly to the DLSS technology available with Nvidia cards. However, in the case of Microsoft's solution, the computing power from the NPU of computers equipped with such a system will be utilized. The NPU is a specialized processor optimized to perform calculations using artificial intelligence.

"Super resolution" in Windows 11 settings
"Super resolution" in Windows 11 settings© Windows Central

The Automatic Super Resolution feature has already shown up in the test releases of Windows 11 - among the system setting's other graphic options. Yet clarity about its operation and the effects it will bring is still lacking. Regardless, the consensus is that it will aid in generating extra frames, enhancing the gaming experience by delivering more transparent images and smoother animations. This is expected to make the game visuals less dependent on the performance of the graphics system itself.

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