TechWindows 10 and 11 introduce lock screen widgets with weather updates

Windows 10 and 11 introduce lock screen widgets with weather updates

Windows 11
Windows 11
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5:26 AM EDT, June 10, 2024

Windows 10 and 11 users can now use the new lock screen, which features widgets with weather information at the forefront. This option was previously tested among a small group of users. It should now be available to everyone using Windows 10 and 11.

Go to system settings to enable the new lock screen in Windows 10 or 11. In the Personalization tab, navigate to lock screen settings. The new option should be visible under the lock screen customization section, provided you have an updated operating system and no group policy restrictions—notes Windows Latest.

For now, the new widgets cannot be modified, but it is expected that Microsoft will allow customization of what exactly is displayed on the Windows 10 and 11 lock screens over time. By default, these small widgets include weather information, which are significantly more numerous than in the previous version. The user can click on a tile on the lock screen, and after logging in, Windows will automatically open the browser with additional information.

New lock screen settings in Windows
New lock screen settings in Windows© Windows Latest

In the case of the weather forecast, these will be additional details on the MSN Weather page. Similarly, lock screen widgets on Windows 10 and 11 (and later in the browser after logging in) may also include stock information or trending news topics.

On one hand, it's pleasing that such changes are being rolled out simultaneously not only to Windows 11 but also to the older Windows 10; however, on the other hand, these moves are not fully understandable given the upcoming end of support in 2025 and Microsoft's clear encouragement to use the more modern and functional Windows 11. By introducing these valuable new features to Windows 10, Microsoft is somewhat blurring the distinctions between the two systems, distinctions that they should arguably now be emphasizing.

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