Tips&TricksWin the battle against garden moles with these humane tricks

Win the battle against garden moles with these humane tricks

How to get rid of moles from the garden? - illustrative picture
How to get rid of moles from the garden? - illustrative picture
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4:44 PM EDT, April 20, 2024

Despite their charming appearance, moles pose a significant challenge for gardening enthusiasts. By digging tunnels, they destroy plant roots, leading to poor growth or even the death of plants. Here are some ways to humanely drive moles out of the garden.

When the temperature rises, earthworms wake up from their winter sleep, which in turn causes moles, who feed on them, to start hunting. A mole can create a tunnel up to about 49 feet long daily and make characteristic mounds. Despite their small size, moles can disrupt plant root systems while digging. How can we get rid of the animal without using inhumane methods? Many of these ways were already known to our grandmothers.

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Although the mole is commonly considered a pest, it is not. What's more! It is even under partial protection. Many people wonder why there's protection for a creature that damages gardens. In reality, the mole is a key element of the ecosystem. As a predator, it feeds on earthworm larvae, cockchafer larvae, and small rodents, which can also wreak havoc. However, no one wants characteristic mounds in their garden. How to remedy this? Find out below.

If you notice a molehill on your plot, it's best to act immediately. Remember, killing these animals is prohibited. Let's use more humane methods to encourage the mole to leave our garden. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it might seem.

Knowing what the creature cannot tolerate is important to eliminate the mole effectively. These animals hate loud noises, vibrations, and certain distinctive smells. Therefore, pour buttermilk into the mound to drive the mole out of the garden. The mole hates this aroma.

In addition to buttermilk, it's worth throwing a crushed head of garlic and lemon into the mound, as these smells are also exceptionally unpleasant for the mole. Apart from placing these products in the mound, using a sound repellent is a good idea. Just place a long stick on the ground and attach an empty plastic bottle or a metal can to the top of it. If we remember visits to family in the countryside, we will certainly recall that grandmothers often opted for this last method.

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