LifestyleWill the 'French illusion' be the next big nail trend 2023?

Will the 'French illusion' be the next big nail trend 2023?

"French Illusion is a new trend in nail styling."
"French Illusion is a new trend in nail styling."
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11:48 AM EST, January 31, 2024

Classic French manicures dominated 2022. Seemingly forgotten for several years, this style has soared in popularity with admirers of minimalism, who have fallen for its delicate pink base and white tips. However, we've also seen variations of the French manicure rise to the top. In the warmer months, requests for pastel and neon tips rose in salons, whereas in the colder months, women chose tips in red, brown, and black.

So, what nail designs will trend in 2023? There's a new, somewhat wild variation on the French manicure that is starting to catch on, and it's bound to appeal to those who love the more extravagant looks. This style features nails that create an optical illusion. They're designed to catch the eye and hypnotize. Are you ready to try the French illusion?

When is the best time to try the new nail styling?

The new nail design will be perfect for women who like to turn heads. The French illusion is, without a doubt, a showstopper. Carnivals could be a great time to try it. Or consider it for a special event, like a wedding reception. This manicure can serve as an ornamental addition to a simple outfit.

What does the French illusion look like?

Wondering about the details of this design? The French illusion involves using multiple shades of the same color to create a gradient effect. The color choice is up to you. The lighter sections are designed to mimic the effect of light falling on the nails. The tips, however, should contrast the gradient. The fading and blurring shades make the nails and fingers appear optically slender.

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