EntertainmentWill Smith confirms the sequel is on the way

Will Smith confirms the sequel is on the way

Will Smith will return as Dr. Robert Neville in the sequel to "I am Legend"
Will Smith will return as Dr. Robert Neville in the sequel to "I am Legend"
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11:03 AM EST, December 4, 2023

The 2007 post-apocalyptic horror film, "I Am Legend," has been the subject of sequel speculation recently. Will Smith confirmed these suspicions at a film festival, revealing he will reprise his role as Dr. Robert Neville, although he will not play the main role this time.

"I Am Legend" centers on Dr. Robert Neville, a scientist and the last man immune to a mysterious virus that has decimated most of humanity. Some infected have become voracious mutants hunting survivors. Neville's focus is on developing a cure to reverse the pandemic's horrifying effects.

Given that Will Smith's character dies at the end of the film, the prospect of a sequel raised questions. However, the film's theatrical release finale differs significantly from the alternative ending in the DVD version, which sees the main character survive.

At the ongoing "Red Sea" film festival in Saudi Arabia, Smith spoke up about his role in the film's continuation. He said Akiva Goldsman has completed the screenplay for the sequel, and Francis Lawrence will return as director.

The actor mentioned the alternative film ending and said the sequel makes perfect sense. "We're starting from the mythology of the DVD version, in which my character survives. I can't reveal anything beyond that," Smith announced.

Although Smith will reprise his scientist role, the main character will be played by Michael B. Jordan. Smith confirmed Jordan's casting during an interview with "Entertainment Weekly."

"Initially, I had reservations about revisiting this film, but when I heard the sequel concept, I knew we could pull it off. It's a fantastic idea, and Michael B. Jordan is one of its instigators", he said.

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