NewsWill Palestinians be displaced to Europe? Revealed document provokes speculation

Will Palestinians be displaced to Europe? Revealed document provokes speculation

A disastrous situation for Palestinians. A document from the Israeli Intelligence Ministry was revealed.
A disastrous situation for Palestinians. A document from the Israeli Intelligence Ministry was revealed.
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6:12 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

Israel is reportedly considering displacing more than two million Palestinians to Europe. A revealed document from the Israeli intelligence ministry outlines three potential scenarios to bring an end to the war in Gaza.

+972, an independent online magazine managed by Palestinian and Israeli journalists, has unveiled an internal document from the Israeli intelligence ministry. Prepared on October 13, the document proposes three possible resolutions to the Gaza conflict. The Spanish newspaper "As" released its English version on a Wednesday. +972 confirmed the document's authenticity and its delivery to the Israeli authorities.

Proposed resolutions to the Israeli-Palestinian war

The first suggested scenario by the intelligence ministry proposes that, following the conflict's end, the Palestinian population remains in Gaza under the governance of the West Bank of Jordanian authorities, namely, the Palestinian Authority.

The second scenario closely resembles the first, though it proposes that Gaza should be governed by a non-Islamic Arab government, much like the United Arab Emirates.

The third and final scenario points at the "forced and permanent" relocation of all Gaza inhabitants - around 2.2 million individuals - to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula under a "humanitarian project." The document suggests urging the United States to facilitate the refugees' acceptance by Egypt.

The plan would then rely on other countries, chiefly from the Mediterranean region and including European nations like Greece and Spain, to take in some of the refugees.

The document proposes that numerous countries could partake in the Gaza population resettlement project, either through the allocation of financial resources or by accepting refugees. Alongside Egypt and the United States, other countries listed include Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Canada, Greece, and Spain.

The document underscores the potential contribution of Spain and Greece to the Palestinian "absorption and settlement" scheme in exchange for an "absorption budget".

Spain declines involvement

Sources within the Spanish foreign ministry, after consulting with the newspaper "El Confidencial," denied any contact from Israel regarding the project.

As per the Spanish newspaper, "Israel finds a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unviable. They believe that a Hamas attack provides a fresh opportunity to displace Palestinians from Gaza," thus "eliminating the chance of creating a Palestinian state on the initially assumed territory."

The Times of Israel portal reports that Israeli authorities acknowledged receiving the document. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office downplayed its importance, labeling it a "conceptual document."

According to the "Financial Times," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously attempted to persuade some European leaders to back the initiative.

Gaza clashes

The Israeli military announced on Thursday that ground forces and tanks had clashes with Hamas units in north Gaza overnight. CNN suggests that the Israeli offensive is making headway in numerous directions, with troop assembly continuing in northern Gaza.

The Israeli military statement, quoted by the Times of Israel, reports that their troops engaged in "extensive fighting" overnight, supported by artillery and tanks. "Dozens of terrorists were killed as a result of combat," the statement claims. The military continues its barrage on Hamas targets in Gaza, hitting weapon warehouses, launchers, and drone locations.

CNN, using footage released by the Israeli military and social media images, assesses that the troops are advancing from the border in various directions. The attack persists from northwestern and northeastern parts of Gaza and near the city of Beit Hanun. According to CNN's published map, it appears the encirclement of Gaza City is nearing completion.

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